100% Recycled Copier Paper

CyclusOffice is a 100% recycled, uncoated, natural white office copy paper. CyclusOffice paper can be copied on both sides in high-volume copiers.

The matt, reflection free surface makes the paper suitable for large text areas.

Suitable for all copying – and fax machines, OCR/ICR machines, high volume copiers, inkjet, laser and offset print (preprint).

CyclusOffice A4 and A3 packets available.

  • Multifunctional in copy shops, printing houses and offices.
  • Repro Screen density up to 48 lines/cm (120 lines/inch). We recommend repro adjustment.
  • Printing Inks : All inks suitable for uncoated paper.
  • Binding Clamps, thread and adhesive binding.
  • Sorting/Collection : Reliable and prompt working through antistatic pre-treatment.
The Ultimate Recycled Cyclus production is based on an extensive recycling concept. Nearly everything is reused in the process: plastics, metals and residual sludge.
100% Commitment
100% Commitment. No Compromise. When it comes to theenvironmental facts we let them speak for themselves:
  • 100% recycled fibres
  • Natural shade without OBA’s
  • Manufactured to the moststringent environmentalcertifications
100 % sense Meets the requirements and expectations of the professional printer providing a product that deliver on runnability, printability, offer the desired finish and at the same time protect the environment.