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trucard is a comprehensive range of coated and uncoated solid bleached sulphate (SBS) boards designed for the needs of the modern printer. Now available in an extensive range of finishes, trucard is ideal for a wide variety of uses including cards, covers, premium packaging, tickets and tags – all under one well known and trusted brand.

Available in a new brighter white shade, trucard’s matt performance speaks for itself. Finishes such as foiling and spot varnishing look exceptional and add a touch of class to a clean bright white surface that the market demands today

trucard 2 matt bright white:

trucard 2 matt is a matt coated two-side woodfree SBS with the same smooth surface as 1 matt on both sides. The higher bulk gives improved stiffness and potential yield savings. The unique manufacturing process ensures a bright white, matt coated surface.

trucard 1 matt bright white:

trucard 1 matt is a single-sided matt coated woodfree SBS with an uncoated bright white shade on the reverse.


trucard ice:

trucard ice is an ultra smooth, high gloss coated one-side, woodfree SBS board. This revolutionary product combines the fast ink drying of a conventional coated board (and the use of standard inks), with the surface look of a cast coated product. The flexible coating means fantastic conversion results and the surface is ideal for all types of film and foil lamination

trucard x2:

The new Trucard x2 is a range of heavy-weight laminated boards with remarkable stiffness and bulk. It is ideal for applications needing heavy-weight premium packaging board such as premium spirits, display boxes, heavy glass perfume bottles and electronic goods.

trucard ice silver portabio:

trucard ice silver PortaBio is a one side coated, woodfree SBS board with an exceptionally smooth high gloss silver metallised film laminated to the surface. Unlike traditional plastic metallised films, the silver PortaBio film is made from renewable, sustainable, recyclable and compostable materials which ensures that it ticks all the right boxes with regard to its environmental credentials.

The premium quality prelacquered metallised surface provides the printer and designer with an environmentally friendly option when it comes to luxury card, cover and packaging applications.

trucard recycled:

trucard recycled is a range of coated and uncoated SBS boards with exceptional environmental credentials. It is available in a 280 and 330gsm with each product containing 50% recycled pulp from de-inked post-consumer waste. The levels of shade and cleanliness are comparative with equivalent virgin fibres.

Stocked In 280gsm 280gsm 300gsm 330gsm 335gsm 350gsm 350gsm 400gsm 400gsm 450gsm 580gsm 780gsm
650 x 920 720 x 1020 720 x 1020 720 x 1020 720 x 1020 650 x 920 720 x 1020 650 x 920 720 x 1020 720 x 1020 720 x 1020 720 x 1020
Trucard bright white 1 matt





Trucard bright white 2 matt







Trucard ice



Trucard 0 matt recycled



Trucard x2



Trucard silver portabio


Suitable Print Techniques:

  • Offset Litho
  • Letterpress
  • Silkscreen
  • Gravure
  • Flexography
  • Embossing
  • Film & Foil Laminating
  • Varnishing (1 and 2 gloss, 1 and 2 matt)
  • Folding
  • Die-Cutting
  • Scoring & Cutting


  • Graphical Print – brochures, covers, greeting cards, postcards, scratch cards, lottery tickets and board games
  • Packaging – cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, perfumes, chocolates, premium food and non-food products

Printing Guidelines:

Trucard 0 – Suitable for Offset Litho, Gravure, Letter press and Screen Printing processes. Standard Inks for uncoated boards.

Trucard Gloss – Suitable for Offset Litho, Gravure, Letter press, Screen Printing and Laser processes. Any suitable coated ink can be used

Trucard Matt – Suitable for Offset Litho, Gravure, Letter press and Screen Printing processes. Any suitable coated ink can be used

Trucard Ice – Suitable for Offset Litho, Gravure, Letterpress, Screen Printing and Thermographic processes. Any suitable coated ink can be used although it may benefit from fast drying inks

Trucard Ice silver Portabio -Suitable for Offset Litho, Gravure, Letterpress and Screen Printing processes. It has a none-absorbent top surface where penetration is absolutely impossible. We recommend you use UV inks or conventional inks which dry using oxidisation. There is a recommended drying time of at least 48 hours – hence if more than one pass through the press, it is recommended to wait at least another 48hours for the ink to be absolutely dry before printing on top. Short stacks are recommended, with airing and/or using spray powder

Environmental Information:

  • trucard is made from 100% Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) woodpulps, sourced from carefully managed and renewed forests
  • trucard is fully recyclable and is manufactured to precise and controlled standards

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