A range of fine art papers

Japanese Paper from Awagami
1. Printmaking Sheets
1.1.1. Bamboo Printmaking 110gsm (560 x 760mm)
1.1.2. Bamboo Printmaking 250gsm (560 x 760mm)
***Techniques: Letterpress and Relief Printmaking. Composition 70% Bamboo, 30% Recycled Fibre***
1.2.1 Kitakata Green 36gsm (520 x 430mm)
1.2.2 Kitakata Cream 36gsm (520 x 430mm)
***Techniques: Chine Collé, Calligraphy, Sumi-e and Conservation.***
2.Printmaking Rolls
2.1 Mulberry Roll Thin 25gsm (97 x 10m)
2.2. Kozo Thick White 42gsm (97 x 10m)
***Application: Printmaking and Crafts. Available in thick and thin. Please note that Mulberry and Kozo Fibre is the same.***
3.Watercolour Sheets
3.1. Bamboo Watercolour 250gsm (545 x 760mm)
***Techniques: Letterpress printing and Watercolour Painting***
4. Fine Art Inket Rolls
4.1. Inkjet Bamboo Roll 170gsm (111.8 x 15m)
***Printable on both sides.***
4.2. Inkjet Kozo Thin White Roll 70gsm (111.8 x 15m)
4.3. Inkjet Kozo Thin Natural Roll 70gsm (111.8 x 15m)
4.5. Inkjet Kozo Thick White Roll 110gsm (111.8 x 15m)
4.6. Inkjet Kozo Thick Natural Roll 110gsm (111.8 x 15m)
***In order to improve the attributes of ink bleed, the special coating is applied.***


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