The purpose of Papersmith & Son is to create long-term value for the benefit of our shareholders, customers, suppliers and staff. We are committed to taking all reasonable steps to fulfil this purpose through economically, environmentally and socially sustainable means. We will endeavour to conduct our activities with integrity and demonstrate the highest ethical standards in our dealings with all stakeholders.

Black Economic Empowerment

In 2015 we improved our BEE rating to a level 2 contributor. We received 100% for preferential procurement showing our commitment to supporting BEE compliant suppliers. In addition, we are a value adding entity meaning that our clients can obtain an additional 25% for their procurements from us. This benefit was added because we were considered to add value to the country and employees by having salaries and wages in good proportion to our turnover. The company also does not use all its income but has a profit in proportion to their turnover.


Papersmith & Son recognises that the products that we sell as well as our business operations have an influence on the environment and endeavours to take practical steps to minimise any negative impact. We have adopted responsible environmental policies that comply with and where possible go beyond the environmental standards.


Papersmith & Son is a proud supported of our industry and the communities in which we operate. We are proud to donate paper to worthy initiatives, including Miss Earth SA’s stationery drive supplying thousands of children with all their stationery requirements to get them through a school year. We currently support the Children in the Wilderness Program as well though one of our projects, as we sell, we donate part of profit to the organisation.


Papersmith & Son strives to give all employees the greatest possible opportunity to fulfil their potential. We are committed to being an equal opportunities employer and strive to continue the development of our staff. Employee job satisfaction is monitored on an annual basis. We believe that the health and safety aspects of our business operations are of paramount importance. Our objective is to eliminate hazards and thereby prevent accidents and occupational illness.

Papersmith & Son management takes responsibility for the maintenance of this policy and guides company strategy to include consideration for Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.