Because we’re the paper merchant that offers Absolute Support. What is absolute support? It’s our philosophy and an approach to doing business that puts you, the customer, at the centre of all our activities and ensures that your needs are met. This support separates Papersmith & Son from other paper suppliers because it uniquely combines 8 characteristics which underpin the word ABSOLUTE.

A – Absolute experience
Over 15 years as paper merchants means that we can address any question or problem on paper and printing that you’re ever likely to encounter. How silky is silk? How matt is semi-matt? What screen ruling can you go up to on certain papers? Whatever the question, we’ll find the answer.

B – Absolutely Best Choice
Choice is based on having the widest range of papers available. Coated, uncoated, textures, synthetic, digital, polypropylene, metallic, translucent, cast-coated, SBS, corrugated, coloured, recycled!

S – Absolute Service
If you’re a specifier or designer, you’ll want to head to our services page which encapsulates all the services that a specifier needs, from ordering samples or dummies, checking technical and environmental information to requesting a visit from one of our paper consultants and more.

O – Outstanding technical service and advice
How you use papers and how they are stored and treated can affect the way they behave. Often a phone call is all it takes to avoid an embarrassing and potentially costly disaster. We have many technical experts throughout the country (and even, the world) who handle thousands of queries a year. The earlier you consult us, the better for you.

L – Absolutely unique sample service
Paper samples and dummies are great as rough ideas of what the final products will look like. However, real printed sample sheets give a clearer impression and can be far more persuasive with clients. At Papersmith, we keep a large stock of 4 colour printed samples of almost every kind of paper we supply. Access our sample Service either through Papersmith or the Papercafe directly, or go to our ‘Services’ page to send a Sample Request form immediately.

U – Absolutely the best people
To ensure you get the best advice available, we have teams of experts who live and breathe paper. As a company, we are committed to keeping our skills and knowledge up to date because quality people are just as important to us as our products or systems.

T – Absolute price flexibility
Flexibility on both sides is often the key to lasting relationships. Try us if you’re under pressure on price. You may be surprised by how keen we can be.

E – Exceptionally reliable and fast delivery
Whether you’re ordering a single A4 sample or 10 tons of paper, you can expect same day delivery, every time.

TOTAL them up and what do you have? Absolutely Total Business Confidence for you and your customer. That’s Support.


The power of paper, the pleasure of paper – Mission Statement

The purpose of Papersmith and Son is to create long-term value for the benefit of our customers, suppliers and each other.

We believe that by passionately caring about our customers’ business and sharing our know-how, we will consistently be their first choice supplier. Our brand values are real and they reflect the way we want to be seen.

Dependable – If we say we’ll do it, we’ll do it.

Passionate – We are passionate about what we do. We really care about the success of our customers, suppliers and each other.

Resourceful – We have the know-how to solve any problem and find the best solution.

Three things distinguish a good paper merchant from the rest: product range, stockholding and principle support. Only two set a good merchant apart from a great one: customer dedication and responsiveness.