Rock Paper is simply a semi synthetic paper made from Rock. It is a combination of mineral powder (>75%) and a small quantity (<25%) of non-toxic resin combined to create an environmentally friendly paper. The production of Rock Paper requires no water, so the papermaking process incurs no water pollutants. Once used, Rock Paper will start to degrade under the proper environmental conditions of high heat, moisture and UV light. Most importantly, in producing Rock Paper, the harvesting of trees is unnecessary, thereby safeguarding the natural environment’s beauty and biodiversity for all living beings. Rock Paper also has beautiful printing capabilities and a unique texture and feel. Because the paper is fibreless, it does not absorb ink like regular paper and also uses less ink than regular paper. Images stay much crisper and cleaner because the ink doesn’t bleed. Rock paper is water-resistant and inherently strong and durable.

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650 x 920

650 x 920

650 x 920

700 x 1000
Rock Paper





For printing tips on Rock Paper, Click below:

Rock Paper Printing Tips

Suitable Print Techniques:

  • Litho Printing
  • Screen Printing


  • Maps
  • Magazines
  • Business Cards
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Calendars
  • Notebooks/Notepads
  • Packaging Board
  • Carrier Bags
  • Tags
  • Tickets

Rock Paper Self-Adhesive Applications: food and drink labels including beer, wine and meat. Can be frozen or wet

Environmental Information

Rock Paper uses natural minerals – mainly limestone and Calcium Carbonate – to manufacture this synthetic paper making it environmentally friendly due to it not requiring any trees
Does not require the use of water during manufacturing
Recyclable and naturally degradable
Waste materials generated during manufacturing are re-introduced back into the process and there are no waste contaminants to pollute rivers and streams
The energy required to produce a tonne on Rock Paper is between 25% – 50% less than pulp or synthetic paper

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